Montana Skies

Well, my car made it.  I'm settling in on the dude ranch where I'll be working for the next four and a half months.  The work is hard, but this place can seem pretty magical.    

Any Critters?

Many people travel to Yellowstone to see the famous wildlife: bears, bison, moose, elk, wolves, and others.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing some critters myself, so as we drove through Grand Teton and Yellowstone, I kept my eyes peeled. This was actually the second bear I saw in a five minute period.  A... Continue Reading →

5th Stop – Jackson Hole

The drive on 191 just south of Jackson, Wyoming is one of the most beautiful I've ever experienced.  Tucked between the massive hills, the road winds along the Snake River, which is fierce with snow melt and rainfall.  Green pastures and red barns give way to narrow, fir-blanketed ravines. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures... Continue Reading →

4th Stop – The Mile High City

We didn't spend much time in Denver, Colorado but we tried to make it count. Mule deer and prairie dog at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.  We also saw a few bison in the distance.  The park is a mix of terrain, but is mostly prairie with some lakes.   Larimer Square, an upscale and... Continue Reading →

3rd Stop – Great Plains

I never really understood, in a literal way, how big the United States of America is.  But I've been driving through prairie for most of the past two days, grassland rolling to the horizon.  I contemplate that the Great Plains doesn't just stretch out for hundreds of miles east to west, along the highway, but... Continue Reading →

2nd Stop – Land of the Delta Blues

Beale Street at night.  Loud, raucous, colorful.  Blues music wails out every bar and restaurant.  Neon flickers against the night, shouting barbecue and live music and spirits.   The next morning (after a completely sober evening, I should add), we find a coffee shop and then drive through the city.  In somber contrast to the... Continue Reading →

First Stop – The Magic City

I'm back in my old stomping grounds, Birmingham, Alabama.  Now, I would never call Birmingham charming, but it is certainly interesting, a city of stark contrasts with a rich yet often tragic history.  So without further ado, meet the Magic City.   Vulcan Park, built to honor the city's history of steel production, boasts the... Continue Reading →

Pack It! Dude Ranch Edition

This summer I will be working on a dude ranch near Big Sky, Montana.  I've been wanting to do this for several years, and finally realized I really had nothing better to do, so here I go.  Now you may be thinking, "I want to work work on a dude ranch!  That sounds like loads... Continue Reading →

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